Business Models

Every project is different from another project that's why BaizeTech – Web Development Company had created different outsourcing business models to choose from for clients as per their project requirement. These models are not rigid and client can combine any business model with any other model based on requirement. As an offshore web development company we provide fix cost, monthly hiring and hourly model.

Fix Cost

When you have clear idea of the project and scope is well defined then Fix Cost model suits best. You send us your web development, software development or mobile app development requirement. We ask you queries we have with the requirement, you answer our queries. We send you fix time and cost for the project to complete. In the Fix Cost outsourcing model if your requirement changes while development is running then this is considered as change request (CR) and it is charged extra.

Monthly Hiring (IT Staffing)

You have idea of the software development or web development project but your requirement changes continuously than Monthly Hiring business model suits your need. In the monthly hiring model; you pay fix monthly fees for the experienced web developer or web designer of your choice. Web Developer assigned to your project by us and he continuously work on your project only. We will not assign any other task to this developer. He is directly reporting to you so you can assign and schedule work accordingly. In other word this is also called Virtual Employee – who is sitting in our office but working for you only.


You have software maintenance or website maintenance work and you want to do modification with your existing website, software or mobile app then outsourcing hourly model for you. In hourly model we convey how many hours to complete maintenance work and you pay us our hourly fees. In outsourcing model hourly there is not any limit of the hours or the work you assign. You can pay us by weekly or bi-weekly.