About BaizeTech SMS

We offer reliable, fast and best quality SMS connected services. Most important of all, we provide cost effective Bulk SMS service globally. All our customers have access to our online delivery reports through our web portal. Ideal for companies who want lightning speed mass SMS delivery with large mobile contact databases; our system able to send up to 70,000 sms in one hour. Included features such as masking of sender name with marketing short code, scheduled SMS blast and many more…

Our bulk SMS solutions have everything you need. You do not need any SMS gateway, GSM modem or sim card. Zero signup fee, no setup cost, no monthly fee and free SMS software.

Why BaizeTech SMS

Skip the middlemen. Go direct with us and increase the delivery without increasing in cost. In fact, we guarantee to match or lower your existing SMS cost. Enjoy the lowest SMS cost or your money back. Terms and Conditions apply.