SEO Services Company Singapore

You have well designed and professionally built website but you noticed that your competitor is making more business then you do. You think that there must be some magic so his website performing well then yours. Yes, there is magic and this magic called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or internet marketing. You only get more visitors if your website is visible in search engine like google, yahoo and bing and more visitor means more business. BaizeTech – SEO Company can help you to achieve your commercial goal by providing best SEO services with SMO and social media marketing.

Search engine optimization is ongoing process and this is not something achieved overnight. To achieving the result you want; it requires proper planning, strategy development and lots of efforts and for that matter you should hire professional seo company which will guide you through the process for your website marketing needs.

Search engine optimization process start with your current website review, there are different phases of the web seo services. A best seo company can definitely provide you top ranking in different search engines. Digital marketing and e-marketing services carried out in four phases.

Keyword Research – when you first approach to us for seo services our first step is to review your current site and provide you keyword research report. Keyword research report includes the most relevant keywords people are searching on search engines for your website.

On-Page Optimization – The next step after finalizing keyword is on-page optimization of current website. Based on keyword selected we provide you suggestion for content and site navigation structure so you site can be more visible to search engine. We generated optimized content and generate title tag, meta tag, description for the website. We write blog entries into blog section and there is no blog in your website then we create blog module.

Off-Page Optimization – This is something need to be done regular basis. Off-page optimization include task like link building, directory submission, social media marketing, social bookmarking submission, article writing and submission, press release submission and forum posting. This services help to get more attention of the search engines.

SEO Report Generation – At regular interval weekly and monthly we generate Keyword Ranking Report which help you and us that how we are performing over keyword ranking, which keywords got up ranking and which got down ranking and based on the report we can decide upon other seo strategies.

Our SEO services include:

  • Internet marketing with SEO
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • PPC management
  • Website optimization
  • Content marketing